Verse-by-verse preaching

At Faith Bible Church we are committed to expository preaching, teaching the whole Bible verse by verse. Expository preaching starts by taking every word of the Bible in the original languages and examining them according to the type of language used and the intention of the author, then explaining this clearly to the congregation. On a week by week basis, we work systematically through different books of the Bible at a pace that balances an appropriate depth of explanation with the overall purpose of the book. Occasionally we have special messages which are simply messages that fall outside of this normal systematic approach.

How to listen

To listen to a sermon, either click the play button on the latest sermon, or:

  1. Click on the series you’re interested in
  2. Click the play list button (the button on the very right of the control bar)
  3. Select the sermon you’d like to hear by clicking it (you may need to scroll)